Focused & Aligned: Pursuit of Purpose

My new book “Focused and Aligned” is a collaboration of 18 powerful, life altering stories from powerful Women of Faith. You will read about what our purpose is, how we became focused and aligned, and how we maintain our focus today.

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You Need it, I Got It! ” Special Needs Parenting”

All of my co-authors are coaches, consultants and advisors, and we’re sharing our experiences, insights and growth strategies to help you dominate your niche!

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Moments In Life: The Caregiver’s Story

This would be a great gift for past, present and future caregivers. These stories the woman share are inspirational and this book would be great for anyone.

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Removing The Face: Being A Voice

Many of us have allowed obstacles and adversaries to leave us in a stagnant place of pain. We are haunted by the faces of those who have hurt us in the past, and we wear a mask to conceal our emotional identity. But we cannot allow those faces, even if they are our own, to haunt us forever if we want to move on and grow in our purpose. In Removing the Face: A Remedy for Pain & Prescription for Change, Ifedayo Greenway and twelve other women reveal their personal struggles and how they managed to turn their pain into a pathway to purpose. Each of them gives a voice to the power of change and offers a prescription for pain for those who are ready to heal and move forward. Order your copy TODAY at

Boss Moms: Testimony Of Hope

The world of motherhood is not easy, not is it for the faint at heart. When you add in growing business or thriving career, the rest of your family, life, your faith and you…. It can get overwhelming. In my chapter ‘ Testimony of Hope” I share my obstacles as a special needs mom and inspiring entrepreneur.

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Entrepreneurial Elevation: What You Must Know

2020 can be YOUR year of ELEVATION, too! I am so excited to reintroduce you to this phenomenal, best selling anthology where we talk about what it takes to shift you, your faith, your finances, and your life in general to the next level!

Thirty savvy business owners share their strategic lessons and personal stories to elevate your success in the world of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurial Elevation is a must-read for anyone interested in being in business for themselves. Through valuable lessons, strategies, processes, and systems that we have used to become successful in our entrepreneurial journeys, our aim is to help the next woman coming up to be able to excel in life and business! Click the link below to order your copy.

The Queen Boss Rise: Don’t Count Me Out

Erica Stepteau’s “The Queen Boss Rise” book will not only feature my story, but also the stories of 19 other amazing women!

If you are ready to learn how to how to make an impact, make money while making an impact, and create your own freedom so that you can have, be, and do more in life and business.You are ready for a major up level in your life and ready to put action in, but jut don’t know where to start? Are you struggling, confused and feeling empty? Ready for these 15 empowering lessons to catapult your impact, money and freedomDo you have people counting you out because you are still working on some of your goals? Stand up and them that You’re Still Here! Read my chapter entitled “Don’t Count Me Out” in The Queen Boss Rise” book.

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