Travel tips for your special family with special needs kids.

Vacations make us super excited. But for kids /adults with special needs, it is a huge challenge as; vacation disrupts the routine structure. It also poses the possibilities of the unpredictable crowd, new noises and environment for people with special needs. Vacation is a challenge not only for them but for you as their parents... Continue Reading →


Summertime, Safety & Special Needs Children

 ‘Summer Vacation’-- this brings a sense of excitement in most kids, but not all are celebrating. “No doubt it is the toughest time of the year for some of us” — and I completely understand your situation. But I am here to guide.  To avoid seeing the best of your occasions turn into uncomfortable situations... Continue Reading →

Autism & Sleep

Autism couldn’t stop Einstein, Newton or Mozart from achieving greater heights and so will it not be able to stop your child. Only if we realize that in each of our kids there could be another Newton or Einstein hidden we will strive to help them bring that to the forefronts. In this post, I... Continue Reading →

Autism & Safety

Give your child the encouragement they need and see them fly. Children with autism are special children and they need special care especially when it’s about their safety and security. You wouldn’t leave any stone unturned in the attempt to provide a safe and secure zone to your autistic child, would you? I can hear... Continue Reading →

Autism Facts – Did You Know??

“Autism is one word trying to describe millions of stories.”- Anonymous  We are already in the 2nd week of Autism Awareness month. But it’s more than just spreading awareness... it’s about loving selflessly. Over a decade, more children have been diagnosed with autism than ever before. Researches reveal that there is a tremendous rise in reports of such... Continue Reading →

Managing Time & Energy

Managing Your Time and Energy when Mothering a Child with Special Needs The Oxygen Mask Story You have probably heard the phrase that you should put on your oxygen mask first, if you are in a plane that is about to crash. I wonder where this statement came from. It certainly wasn’t from a mother... Continue Reading →

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