Managing Time & Energy

Managing Your Time and Energy when Mothering a Child with Special Needs

The Oxygen Mask Story

You have probably heard the phrase that you should put on your oxygen mask first, if you are in a plane that is about to crash. I wonder where this statement came from. It certainly wasn’t from a mother because we have taken on a contract to sacrifice our life if our child needs support.

In this post, I explore some simple strategies for managing time and energy as a mother to a child with special needs such as Autism, Cerebral Palsy or  Intellectual Disability and many more conditions that affect children. Being a mother is a special gift from God, all by itself. When we are given the duty of mothering a child who has special needs, we also have special needs for ourselves.

Going back to the above statement concerning the oxygen mask, when your child is born with a condition that requires 24-hour care, you often forget about the oxygen mask and all forms of support for yourself. I want to ask that you start today, carving out some time for yourself, away from your child, if just for 5 or 10 minutes each day so you can recalibrate your purpose and refresh your strength.

Managing your time and energy is putting on that oxygen mask simultaneously looking out for the welfare of your child. Check out these three simple steps.

  1. Take a bath once a week. Soaking in water with salt, helps to balance out your own physical, mineral makeup and begins the process of soul balance. Salt is a mineral that draws energy to it. When you are exhausted and need to rebalance. A hot salt bath with some prayer included, is a great way to take 10-15 minutes for just you, your body, your soul and your love.
  2. Walk outside in nature, but take a rock in your hand. When you are a mother of a child who has special needs, those needs stay in your heart and head no matter what you do, who directs or guides you, or how powerful your intentions are. A rubbing stone helps you to stay inside of your own space, while you are taking that precious time for yourself.
  3. Finally, reading a good book is the third quick step you can take to manage your time and energy. As you are reading the book, take a moment to read a passage out loud to yourself. Allow this passage to sink in and penetrate your inner consciousness. Often, we read books and the words just go in and out. A book contains valuable nuggets of soul energy that can help replenish your own energy.

Thank you for reading my blog. Please leave your comments below so we can reach back out to you. Remember, I salute you for the work you are doing to empower your children to grow up feeling good about themselves so I want to provide you with content that helps you on your journey.



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