Fun things to do that invoke creativity

Most neurologist and neuroscience professionals will come to the conclusion that Autism and its many spectrums, all seem to generate the best shifts in emotional behavior when creativity and fun are involved. The colors of playdough or the fun of gluing paper together may spark your child’s interest and keep it engaged for a bit of time.

Color Therapy is a great way to engage your child who may be responsive to colors and displays of light. One thing to remember is that although your child may not be able to verbally express him or herself, there are still very basic human qualities that are the same. Trust that what you are doing is working, even if it does not seem so.

All children can learn, just not all in the same way. You, a mother, father or caregiver can use your deep intuition to tune into what your child is needing. Sign language and interpretation is a great tool that is often used for non-verbal, highly functioning autistic children and adult.

Since the condition of Autism tends to make children want to be isolated, like in an igloo or small space, creating that small space with total allowance can set your child free of trying to fit into a square hole with a round peg. Just be there for him or her.

It’s not known what the soul feels or how it reacts to any stimuli on any given day. Some days sun may cause an angry outburst, while other days the sun may seem to bring peace. Note these days, outbursts and experiences so you can start to chart an improved course for your child’s day.

You are doing fine. We are all going through the same thing at the same time as you. Join a support group and sound off with your ideas. Knowledge not only is power but it is the power to continue improving our lives through new methods of treatment and care. Take care of yourself as well. Make a day where you go away just for you, to relax and unwind.

Perhaps you and your child can do finger painting or some sort of music program. Great strides have been made in proving that music and the arts, relax Autistic children. This could mean going outside and just dancing to the music.

One final note, it’s so important that you keep up with the latest ideas and innovations regarding Autism and what is working. You can do this. We can do this.

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