Awareness, Acceptance and Action

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 Thirty years ago, children and adults with disabilities were often shut out and placed in nursing homes, left to die, and disregarded. Today, because we have had the tough conversations about special needs, physical and mental disabilities and options, things are starting to look up.

In this blog I am going to open up the conversation about special needs and various disabilities with the intention of creating change for the positive. I will be talking about ways we can bridge the gap of understanding so that all people, regardless of disability or not, can work together toward achieving harmony.

First I would like to go over Awareness. Now, at the beginning of this article I said that thirty years ago persons with physical and mental disabilities such as cerebral palsy, spina bifida or down’s syndrome were often shunned away, over looked and forgotten about. Today, with awareness, we are seeing that the disabilities we assumed were life-ending, are truly the doorway to genius and unconditional love and possibility. How can we foster awareness of the many abilities of those who are labeled by society as disabled? One way is to open the conversation and through the comments on this article you can start to talk about things.

The second keyword I can tap into is Acceptance. In a world where diversity is necessary, acceptance of humanity as equal is so important. To begin to instill this value, simply find someone that has a labeled disability, and get to know them. See how they smile and laugh, just like you. Make acceptance a trait that you look at as very important. Acceptance is the key to an approach of unity, rather than division.

Action is our final conversational piece. If you are really wanting to help the mission of improving the lives of disabled individuals, taking action is the best way to get your feet off the ground with progress. Join groups on Facebook, reach out to the voiceless and speak your feelings loudly. Volunteer in your local community to host a special Olympics event, or have a party for the people in your community who have a child with special needs in their household.

Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Spina Bifida are just a few of the conditions that are part of the lives of people around you. Each of these conditions is not a reason to be fearful, but a reason to rejoice that God made us all beautiful souls on this earth to help each other and to show us how much we have to be grateful for.



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